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Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I believe in love. Yes, I have emotions. No, I do not like romance novels or movies and I will tell you why…

I will start with the movie aspect before moving on to the novel aspect. Actually, I am a romantic at heart [Unapologetically] and I used to love romantic movies but then what happened you ask me? Reality. Reality and then i started looking at romance movies in a different light. In my early teens, I was a great Disney fan [I even used to imagine myself acting in all the shows and having the ‘cutest guys’ fall in love with me and make all the girls jealous] and we all know that there is no Disney show that does not have an iota of  romance in it, and they make it look so easy. Girl meets Boy or Girl has a crush on boy. They start talking and Girl finds out that Boy likes her too and they start dating [eyes rolling]. Disney aside, even normal romance movies are all centered around ‘love at first sight’ and ‘if someone is not attracted to you and is dating someone else be patient  because he will eventually find out that the person he is with is the wrong person and you are his missing rib and then he will come running to you’ [serious eyes rolling] and when I watched such movies, I actually thought that was how life and love really was and I tried to practise all this in real life and guess what?

It didn’t work out

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It ended up affecting my confidence and self-worth because I thought that there must be something wrong with me because I actually followed the rules on T.V and if it worked for those on girls, why didn’t it work for me? but I later realised that  ‘all that’ doesn’t work in the real world , not every guy you meet would like you [had to learn the hard way] and it is not every time you meet a guy that wind starts blowing and then rain starts falling and one mysterious music starts playing and you fall in love and it’s certainly not every time that something of yours falls down on the floor that a guy helps you pick it and your fingers touch and then there is a spark and you look into each other’s eyes and fall in love. In fact it’s the opposite and if you think I’m lieing , try it and do give me a feedback

Now to the Novel aspect [My favourite part]……



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