Source :projectinspired. Com

Hey!! So every week I will be posting an outfit of the week, and I will also state what I like about it and where I can wear it to and other things. So let’s get started.

Being a simple girl when it comes to dressing ,this(the picture)  really appeals to me because the gown is simple but yet lovely and the hat Just adds that finesse to it and makes the outfit look more chic. I also love pockets which makes me even like the outfit more.

I would definitely wear something like this to church, because it’s very decent and i can also wear it to a picnic or an outing with friends and family. It’s a really nice and simple outfit.

Feel free to write your opinions about the outfit and where you can wear it to and where you cannot wear it to in the comment box below.  I would love to hear from you .


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