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Now to the Novel aspect… Well, truth be told, I have never been a fan of romance novels, but I have read a few [guilty face]

. Actually, my mum kept some romance novels in my room on my shelf [they are still there] because her own shelf in her room was already full, but I was instructed not to touch it because if i read them it would affect the way i see love [and being the good girl that i am (wink) I obeyed] but later on, I felt I was ready to read them because most of my friends were already reading romance novels, and my mum let  me, but she gave me a stern warning before I started reading them and she was like ‘ It’s okay, but just keep one thing in mind while reading them, that life is not like that’. At the end of the day I figured out that I didn’t like the romance novels and that was because of what I experienced reading them.

You see, novels are deeper and more serious than when they are made into movies because they are more detailed in explanation and that is why I don’t like reading a novel before watching the movie because how it is imagined when you read it can not be the same  as the movie, but that aside, I realized why I didn’t fancy romance novels [It’s about to get serious].

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One reason that I didn’t like it was because I never seemed to get the story line [I guess I won’t be the only one] because it’s usually cliché, and being a fan of literature or a literature student, I really don’t get the story lines. It’s kind of cliche to me because if the romance part/aspect is removed, one can not really enjoy the book, so it’s like when I read a romance novel, I am getting ready to see lots of romance and little story line, and it can be so frustrating because I want to read a good book with a good story line [Is that too much to ask for?!] but it’s all good because why would I want to pick up a romance novel if I am not expecting romance. And that takes me back to when I was in secondary school [or high school as some would call it], and since it was a boarding school and Television was not allowed, the only form of entertainment was novels, and since romance novels are the most popular type of novels that you can see around, many brought it to school, and what fazed me or got me amazed was  the fact  that some girls that don’t like  reading or don’t want to go through the stress of reading the whole novel would just ask to see the ‘part’ [if you get what I mean] and some girls even go the extra mile to cram the pages of the romance part and it was so funny to me and I would be like ‘are you kidding me?’.

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If you are a ‘moralistic’ person or you are looking for a book with morals, please don’t pick up a romance novel to read because one can hardly see morals in these kind of novels, sometimes the story line goes like this ‘The man and the woman went out on a date and on getting back to the lady’s place, the man slowly removes her clothes and…’ [fill in the blank]. Basically, what these novels promote or put into our minds is that we can get involved with someone before marriage, we can do whatever we want with each other’s body, just because we find them attractive and the aftermath is never really talked about, we hardly hear about the woman or man’s emotional state after it or about the fear of the other person leaving after a fling, but instead everyone seems to live happily ever after and I don’t think that’s how it really goes.

Well, now you see why I am not a fan of romance novels and movies because it’s really unrealistic and what is being sold to us or what we are made to believe is really not good for us especially  if you are a christian and you are trying to have a right walk with God, it doesn’t encourage us to think Honorable, pure and lovely as Philippians 4:8 says we should.

So that’s all folks, you can write about your experiences or take on romance novels/movies in the comment box below because I would love to read them.



  1. Lovely and well written piece. You are right about romance novels, it merely depicts a fantasy version of love and relationships. Harsh realiity awaits after turning the last page and getting back to the real world.

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