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Now, I know many people would be like “What could you possibly learn from a show that promotes sex, alcohol, and the rest?”

and I also know that others would be like “She’s about to talk about the Efe’s story [Winner of Big Brother Nigeria 2]” [Well I’m not, in case you are in this category]. Be patient because it’s more like an analogy, and it’s more like what the show reminds me of  and it might seem a bit crazy but it just came to my head and I feel like sharing it because it can’t just stay in my head. It’s more like symbolism, so I am using that to express my points. So here we go;

For those of you that do not know the show or what it is all about. Big Brother is a reality TV show where a group of selected people [usually 12] are gathered or are made to stay in a house [a very beautiful house] for a certain number of days, they can’t leave the house and there are cameras planted everywhere, so viewers get to see everything. And then there’s this voice [Big Brother] that gives them instructions while they are staying in the house and every Sunday, one or more housemate is evicted which is as a result of his fellow housemates nominating/putting him up for eviction with some other housemates and viewers voting who they like, leaving the least voted housemate out of the house. So now that that’s out-of-the-way. Let’s begin;

  1. BIGBROTHER: The main slogan for Big Brother is “No place to hide”  and this Big Brother figure reminds me of God. How? Well, when you look at it, we can’t fully understand or comprehend the nature of God and God is so powerful that he sees everything we do [just like the cameras implanted everywhere in the house to enable Big Brother see every nook and cranny of the house] and just like how Big Brother instructs the Housemates on what to do, that’s how every single day God directs our day for us if only we let Him. The housemates could never predict the next day because it’s only Big Brother that plans their day for them and you know what this taught me? It taught me to always give my day to God and let Him plan each day for me and instruct me on what to do.
    download2culled from google pictures

2. HOUSEMATES: Now when watching the show, I realized that all the housemates in the house have different characters and backgrounds but are made to live with each other in one house. Well, the house reminds me of earth and how our God loves variety so much that everyone is different, have different backgrounds, different  talents and mode of thinking and we all live on this earth and are being watched by God.

3.DIARY ROOM: The Diary room is a little room kept in the corner of the house, where each housemate is summoned to and where they have a chat with Big Brother [they still can’t see him] and they get to express their views, lay complaints, cry, talk about their day and different events that occurred in the house and so on and everyday each housemate must go into the Diary room, this reminds me of our quiet time with God. Everyday, we are meant to look for a secluded place away from the world just like how Jesus did [Luke 5:16, Mark 1:35] and spend time with God. In this quiet time, we are away from the world and it’s drama and we are in the presence of the Almighty God and it is where we can express ourselves, tell God about our day, how we feel, who hurt us, we can cry, it is just a wonderful place that we can always go to to avoid us breaking down in front of others, it’s where we can tell God things we can’t tell others and just like how in the Diary room, it’s a dialogue between Big Brother and the housemates, our quiet time is also meant to be a dialogue, where we can talk to God and God also talks to us, and how does He do that? Through His word and sometimes a quiet voice in your head. So watching Diary room sessions made me realize how important my quiet time with God is.

diary room
Diary room-culled from google pictures

That’s all for now, feel free to comment down below and watch out for the second part of this post, also don’t forget to follow the blog’s official instagram and facebook page. Thanks for reading!!!



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