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4. HEAD OF HOUSE: Every week in the house, there is always a Head of House for that week who receives instructions from Big Brother and tells the others, you can decide to see the HOH [Head of house] as our pastors, prophets, evangelists and so on but I decided to see it in another light.

It made me realize that there are two types of leaders or two types of behaviors that people have when power is in their hands;

a. The arrogant ones that think everyone must submit to them and do whatever they say.

b. The humble ones that serve others when in this position. They see leadership as a means to serve others instead.

And it made me wonder; what kind of person am I when power is in my hands? And then i made a decision to be the humble one just like how Jesus was on earth when he washed the feet of His disciples when it was meant to be the other way around.

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5. Another thing I realized in the Big Brother House was that there were different characters; Haters,Gossips,Arrogant people, bullies, mean people, liars and the rest and the thing was because the Housemates cannot watch themselves, they don’t realize their characters, the bullies don’t know that they are bullies, the arrogant don’t know that they are bullies likewise the arrogant ones and they all have an explanation for their characters. It made me realize that on this earth we may not know that we are Gossips, People pleasers, Cheats e.t.c because we can not see ourselves and to us we are doing nothing wrong and I had to wonder that if I am to watch myself from a camera, what would i think of myself? And the thing is God is the one that really sees us for who we are and He sends the Holy Spirit to us to check our behavior and to make sure that we don’t do the wrong thing, and even tells us when we do what we are not meant to do so that we can correct ourselves, Isn’t that wonderful?

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6. PROVISION: In the House, the Housemates never lacked anything because Big Brother provided for them, sometimes when they request for things in the Diary room he gives it to them just to make them happy, and if you think about it, they have not done anything special to deserve all the treats he gives them, I mean they didn’t contribute money for the show, yet they make requests and get it and I remembered how we make requests to God and how He provides for us even when though we don’t deserve it.

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7. EVICTION SHOW: The Eviction Show made me see Death as a means of escape of life. How? Well, because when housemates are in the house, they don’t want to leave but once they are evicted they become happy and relieved because they get to leave the hardship of the house, Same thing goes for us, we hold tight to this earth  and enjoy the things in it, but then [Especially if you are a believer of Jesus Christ] when Death comes you will realize that the pleasures of earth are just a taste compared to heaven’s pleasures and then you would be so happy to leave the hardship of the world.

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So those are the 7 things I learnt from the Big Brother show, now I am not advising you to start watching the show but these are the things that made me think for a while. Thanks for reading and I would love to read your opinions in the comment box below.


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